Modular Star Boxes

This project is a modular space-efficient container that has an angular design and links together with others using Velcro. I got inspired to do a modular container after I was working on a programming project in which I had made everything modular. It worked out so well for me. So, I decided to make this project modular. To link together any number of these containers, use Figure 1 below. After, connect these sides to the hooks side of the 9mm Velcro dots: Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Lime Green. Connect these sides to the loops side of the 9mm Velcro dots: Yellow, Magenta, and Orange. Next, connect the velcro dots on Magenta to Lime Green and Light Blue to Orange, as many times as you want for the units in the grid. You have just created one side of the grid, so repeat until you have the same grid again. Last, connect every yellow side to its dark blue counterpart. You might have one or two rows of Yellow or Dark Blue sides showing.

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Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser

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