Ellipsoid Container

On any space mission, time is a paramount commodity, especially for a manned mission to mars, where astronauts must easily collect samples to bring back. Therefore, saving time on packing would be highly valuable to the overall success of the mission. A study from Princeton University shows ellipsoids have the highest random packing density (approximately 74%) of any shape. This means astronauts could simply place these containers in a storage area with no time spent on packing, maximizing time and efficiency. Ultimately making for an effective sample container that could be used in a variety of settings from the ISS to a mission to mars. Another key issue for astronauts is energy conservation on EVA. With current spacesuit technology astronauts spend much of their energy just working against their own suit. With the easy lock design on this container an astronaut would simply need to slide the two parts only a few millimeters to seal the container.

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