Cable Container

This container is designed to contain cables while in use or in storage. It has two circles, each with four notches of different sizes, to hold cables of varying widths. When mounted to a surface using Velcro, one end of a cable can be snugly fit into the appropriate notch, leaving a small tail to plug into a device or power source. With the loose end of the cable held taut, the cable can be wound by rotating the handle. For storage, the loose end of the cable can be fit into a notch. For use, the ends of the cable can then be taken out of their notches and plugged in. The Rotating Cable Container can hold any excess cable, allowing one length of cable to work for multiple devices in multiple situations, or can hold the middle of a long cable in one of its notches so that it won’t float away and be obstructive. This container can be easily operated by righties or lefties and can be used in any orientation as long as it is mounted to a surface by its flat side.

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