Slide box

This container was designed with a slide on lid. The lid can move the lid up and it and will slide onto to the top of the container. this container would be fit for rocks, food or any other objects that are not living. A velcro can attach the lid of the container to the container. If someone needs to put something into the container the lid can slide off and can put the object into the container. Once the object is in the container slide the lid of the container back on then reattach and it will close the container. Open the container to get the object. When 3D printing print the lid next to the container. Then when the print is done slide the lid on the container. If living organisms are in the container leave it open a crack so that they can get air. This box is 45mm tall and 46mm long and 50mm wide so when the lid is printed next to the it is inside this size limit.

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