A Fruit Fly Habitat

This fruit fly habitat is made with clear plastic material with exception to a tinted bottom and lid.A tinted bottom makes it easier to spot the white larvae while the lid magnifies the fruit flies by being a convex lens made of plexiglass coated with epoxy resin to magnify the habitat below.Since fruit flies need moisture and a little warmth, an absorption oxygen generator was placed on the side of the container to create a humid environment for the fruit flies.There are two absorbers, located on the sides of the container to absorb oxygen and nitrogen from the air and two outlets to discharge oxygen and nitrogen, and an air outlet that connects to the bottom of the container to collect air from its surroundings.There are several valves throughout the system, intended to be similar to the select-flow valves on astronauts’straws.A removable floor is designed to be able to replace rotting material and study any larvae located on the floor.The floor can re-fit the container like a hinge.

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