This is a can for mixing loose or liquids together. It consists of two containers and a special cap. The special cap consists of two parts that are tightly connected to each other. If you twist these parts in different directions then a hole will open. If you twist them to another direction then the hole will close. You should print two similar containers. Then print two parts of the special cap and connect them together. To mix two liquids you should do these next steps: 1) Pour a liquid into the first container. 2) Close the first container with the special cap. 3) Pour another liquid into the second container. 4) Attach the second container to the same special cap on the other side. 5) Twist the special cap so the hole inside it opens. 6) Shake the containers so the liquids could mix together. 7) Twist the special cap to close the hole and take off one of the containers to use the mixed liquids.

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