The Some Assembly Multi-Purpose Box is a box. It is very good at being a box. The SAMP-Box is a one-print box with interior dimensions of 10x5x5 cm and is able to be printed in a print area of 10x5x5. This is done by printing 4 walls, a base (made of 5 parts), a lid (made of 4) and 8 corner connections at once instead of a hollow container. Having everything printed in pieces allows for having a piece designed and printed that can attach directly to the basic box if needs change. For instance, in a plant experiment, the astronauts print three walls that have grooves for separators and the 4th wall with a window. For sample collection outside the ISS, they can print a wall that has space for Velcro. For a container for holding nuts and bolts, they can print dividers to go on the inside of the box. The whole idea is that I can not design a box for every possible situation ISS astronauts may encounter, but I can design a box that can easily be adapted to situations as they arise.

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