This is the APAT (All-Purpose Astronaut Toolbox). Closed it is exactly the specified size and has a 9cm ruler on the outside. Inside there are 4 test tubes with 1cm diameters and stoppers that lock via small rings in the tubes. Left of the tubes is a recessed area with a foldable multitool that unfolds to create pliers with two screwdriver heads on the arms. On the other half there are two pairs of tweezers along with a separate container built for holding liquids. This container is based on the Zero-G Cup invented by Don Pettit. It utilizes an acute angle of less than 40 degrees to attract liquids and stops spills in zero g. This container boasts a swiveling lock to further prevent spills. This container also has a holder and can be secured with Velcro. To the right is a canister with a screw on lid for storage. Above this is a tube and a topper which can be put together to make a dropper. It can be held closed with Velcro, everything can be removed, and it can be made of anything!

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