SPX Container

As space exploration advances and more trips are being made out to space, it is vital for an astronaut to have the right equipment to assist in research. This space container enables the scientist to store trash, liquids, food, and rocks as well as plants. There is an air tight lid that snaps into place to make sure that contaminated air and particles do not enter or exit the container. There is transparent fiberglass on all sides to allow for viewing. To help in plant storage, there is a flap on the lid of the container that opens if a tube is inserted. This tube would carry water in the form of mist to water and moisten the surrounding soil, and oxygen 24/7. If the container is not needed for plants, then the flap will remained sealed. The Velcro on the bottom of the container allows it to stay in place and not float around in zero gravity. This multi-purpose container has it all and can truly help the rapidly growing and fast-paced space exploration field.

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