Zero-G Fluid Cleaner

The ZeroG Fluid Cleaner is designed to process urine into drinkable water. The Cleaner has six holes on its exterior: five are on its front and one is on its back. Four of the five holes on the front are small holes located near the edge, which are entrances for carbon dioxide that would be used in the filtration process. When not in use, the four holes are protected by a ring that has four pegs that fits into the holes. The other hole on the Cleaner's frontal side is located directly in the center. This hole allows urine to enter the Cleaner and has a screw-shaped protective plug. On the back side of the Cleaner is a hole whose purpose is to flow out the processed urine. This hole also has a screw-shaped plug for protection. The main portion of the Cleaner is shaped like a cylinder, which is made up of three interior parts. These parts use carbon dioxide to filter the urine into drinkable water. Once the urine is fully processed, it flows out of the Cleaner through the back hole.

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