Space Toolbox

My project provides an efficient and portable way to hold tools. It has three drawers for storing tools, like hammers, wrenches, and ratchets which are generally used by astronauts. Since the drawers are separate, they can be easily 3D printed and can be very easily assembled to the cabinet. For portability, I designed a tether holder at the top. Astronauts can tether it to their suits when required, leaving their hands free for working. The plastic Velcro, which can be 3D printed, secures the tool box in place by attaching it to the wall. The plastic Velcro attached to the back inner wall of the tool box and the drawer, secures the drawers in place to prevent them from floating out. I also designed stoppers to prevent the drawers from being pulled out completely by accident. The plastic Velcro straps in the drawers prevent the tools from floating. Drawer dimensions were designed to house typical tools used by astronauts. The 3D images of the tools were downloaded from NASA website.

Download model

Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser

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