Rocket Locket

It’s 2050, and T3d (not a person or username) has been exploring Kepler 452b for 15 years. T3d holds on to all kinds of things—space debris, bio samples, tools—but the most important are the memories of his family on earth and the new memories he makes in space. But T3d has a problem: he has millions of files, and finding a diary entry among his work logs is near impossible. Travelling often, T3d struggles to bring along all of his personal files. Space tech hinges on our ability to merge the physical and digital worlds, so I designed Rocket Locket to help T3d keep his files close—it has 2 micro sd slots for Earth and space memories, and a clip to secure it to T3d's clothing. Carrying sd cards with reliable flash bypasses any slow data transmission. T3d can customize the 3D printed Rocket Locket with an icon to set it apart from his spacemates’ and can print a new one to fit the latest storage devices. With Rocket Locket, T3d knows his family photos and space selfies are never far.

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