Reducing Human Waste

Anaerobic digesters can solve human solid waste management problem in ISS and can also produce renewable energy. In ISS, they can be designed as mini reusable containers that can collect and break down the human solid waste by biological degradation to produce methane, while producing little residual biomass. Methane can be used for heating and producing electricity. The residual biomass can be used for fertilizers. The containers should have biodegradable liners inside and Velcro attached lids. The containers should be put in special machine at 95o F to facilitate biodegradation with anaerobic bacteria. The containers should be automatically and continuously shaken to help mixing the contents for 10 days and release methane gas. Subsequently, the containers should automatically invert, which will facilitate suction of the residual biomass by suction cup and to be used as fertilizers. This anaerobic digester design will create sustainable energy environment and reduce solid waste.

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