Push-Pull-Stick & Go

Trash disposal in Zero G can be a challenge! The proposed 6-part, easy-assembly trash disposal system includes a portable trash container that astronauts can stick to their pants using a Velcro strip (container A). Astronauts put the litter into this container “on the go” through flexible, latex flaps that serve as an opening. When container A is full, astronauts slide it into a larger, stationary trash-collecting receptacle (container B) that is held in place using magnets. Magnets line the bottom of container B, which in-turn is placed on one of the numerous air ducts in the ISS. The latching mechanism on the bottom of container A ensures automatic emptying of trash into container B, and the astronauts can remove container A by simply pulling it out of container B. This simple push-pull, no-mess mechanism makes it convenient and saves time for astronauts. An animation of this mechanism can be viewed at: https://goo.gl/udk0MJ. Please refer to description below the video.

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