Terrariums. A common object on Earth. Astroriums. The future common object in space. The next step in plant containers. Water is placed in the first layer of the container through the slit on the side, which is covered with Plexiglas and opened/closed with Velcro. There are many holes in between the water and soil layer, in which water would flow up to the dirt by capillary action. A sponge can be placed in the slot in order to soak up any remaining water. But because of the number of holes, little water will be left. Soil is placed in the green area, with tubes (blue) bringing air to different parts of the soil using straw-like tubes at the bottom. These give the soil and roots something to latch on to and provide air for the plant. The dirt/probe slit, covered by Plexiglas and opened by Velcro, allows for a soil sampling or probe placement. Plexiglas covers all other openings to allow for light and observation areas. The cover is closed using a magnet, ensuring that it’s well closed.

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