In order to use the limited space on the ISS effectively, the Collapsible Container (C.C.) can expand and compress to perfectly fit its contents. When empty, it can compress fully for easy storage. The bellows in the mid-section (red circle), thick pieces of plastic (2.75 mm thick) connected by thin pieces of plastic that fold, make this possible. Since the C.C will be printed with the bellows slightly compressed, it can be expanded over the maximum print dimension later. A screw on lid provides secure enclosure and a small handle is part of the ergonomic lid (yellow). The sturdy top and base (green & blue) have outlines for Velcro, which could connect multiple containers or provide storage around the station. The small spaces between the corners of the bellows can be sealed with tape if needed. The C.C’s design and components comply with the 3D-printing guidelines and is designed to use minimal plastic while keeping it durable, strong, and space-efficient.

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Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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