Spherical Planter

The shape of my plant container is a hollow sphere, 10 inches in diameter, and it has 6 holes for planting seeds. The sphere will be filled with soil and nutrients. Water flows from an outside source (shown in blue) through a plastic tube (shown in purple) to a small holding tank at the center of the sphere (shown in light blue), which is connected to 6 small tubes (shown in yellow). These tubes deliver water to keep the soil moist inside the sphere. The spherical planter is attached by a cord to a fixed object to keep it from floating away. To keep the planter warm enough for seed germination, it will be surrounded by a large clear plastic bag. The bag will have holes to allow air circulation, and it is removable so people can work with the plants.

Download model

Our 3D viewer requires a WebGL enabled browser http://get.webgl.org

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