Sample Container

This is a container designed to hold non-living matter that is in a solid or liquid state, such as soil samples or other specimens gathered in experiments. The two rectangles on each side (2 adjacent sides pulled in, other 2 adj. sides extruded with correct tolerances) allow these containers to be snapped to each other, which makes samples easier to organize- the order will remain as it is set until a person decides to change it. The astronauts can save their velcro for other things. When many of this model are used simultaneously for storage they can form a square that is arbitrarily long and wide, which is advantageous in space as 16, 25 or any number can be manipulated with one motion. Using a permanent marker, the lids of the containers can be labeled and easily read, even when there are 100 containers all stuck together. This design becomes extraordinarily useful and space-conserving when used in high volumes, as a standard container would be expected to be used in space.

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