E.T Handheld Blender

This blender consists of four parts that includes a tube to hold the food, a lid to hold the food in the tube, a blade rod to mix and turn the food into one mixture, and a turn crank to turn the blades that will mix the food. This Space Blender can be used to make smoothies and even protein shakes which can be very useful for a space diet. It also makes mixing things easier in space with a hand held blender rather than one that needs to be plugged in like on earth. Having a blender on a space station like the ISS will help add more variety to the daily diet of the everyday astronaut. Some foods used in space comes in the form of paste in a tube, this can be a great way for someone to mix different foods depending on what their personal desire may be. Simply squeeze the different pastes in and mix and you have a mixture of the two foods now. This design could help improve the diet of astronauts and widen the range of food options on a space station.

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