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Climate change has caused many changes in the world we live in. Few, if any, are good. Climate change is defined as long-term changes in temperatures and weather. However, when people think of this, they often think of a polar bear floating on a single chunk of ice in a giant ocean or wildfires burning everything in its path. Fortunately, there is still time to fix our mistakes, and they're our mistakes that are to blame for these horrific events. The carbon we put in the air, the trash we dump into the sea, the chopping down of forests, and many other things we find normal are destroying our world. One example of climate change in my community is flooding. Due to rising water levels, the water on Virginia’s coast is rising, which therefore causes flooding. One way to fix this problem is to add barriers or drainage systems to insure the water stays at its normal level and so that we wouldn’t have to sacrifice our time at the beach. Drainage systems could drain the excess water or barriers could block it. However, the water would eventually reach the barriers and could thus be a problem down the line.