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The Black Jaguar is an amazing animal. The black jaguars live on the Amazon Rainforest coast. One of it’s present adaptations are their jaws; they're powerful. When attacking prey they bite the head for a more fatal blow. The black Aquajager has many adaptations, starting with webbed paws to swim because where they live will be flooded because of global warming. Another adaptation is that the black Aquajager will grow scales, a sail, and fins. The scales will help it stay cool. Also, a spinosaurus’s sail will work like a boat’s sail. Another adaptation is, the sail will give it the ability to sense prey on the shoreline. The fins will give it’s webbed paws a break from swimming. Finally, the last adaptation is the body will get stronger to fight sea predators such as sharks and orcas. Due to climate change the black Aquajager will adapt in many ways.