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Future Engineers is a multi-year education initiative and we are just getting started! Our current 3D Space Challenges provide informal curriculum videos on the site that parents and educators can use to get kids designing today. We encourage you to dive in and use these resources to get students started on the challenge! We are also working to develop a more comprehensive educator packet. We dream big here at Future Engineers, and we love to work with others that dream big too. Even though we don't have an established network for Future Engineers Workshops and Showcases yet, we are committed to building one. Stay tuned for more information!

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Educator / Teacher

Are you an educator (in-school or after-school) and want to teach students how to create 3D models for 3D printing? Teachers know our students best and are the true heroes of STEM Education. Our site provides you the basics to use in class and we encourage you to get students involved with the first challenge now! If you also want to get connected to Future Engineers Workshops, Showcases, or Technical Mentors please sign up here.