The group that I would bring with me on the Artemis Launch consists of 5 people. I would like them to have these character traits: Confident (to always lead us forward), Happy (to always help us in sad times), Cautious (to make sure we are safe), Responsible (makes sure we have everything we need), and Humorous (we all need a good laugh once in a while). When I and my fellow crew members reach the Moonś South Pole we will bring along to devices with us for our future astronauts. The first device that I would bring is a special camera that can survive more than -500F if it ever gets freezing cold in space. Then when the other generation of astronauts come then can find the camera and watch the recorded footage of what has happened to the moon in itś past years. The second item that I would bring would be a time capsule! I would fill it up with some of NASA´s new discoveries on articles and bury it under a flag so it will be noticeable. This is what my crew would be like and do if we were part of the Artemis Launch.