My team and I are on our way to the moon! We were hand-picked to be perfect, healthy, smart, and courageous! There's Julien, the Botany expert; Laila, the Engineer; Johnson, the Health Scientist; and me. Julien's job is to study the poles’ water to see if it can be used for agriculture. Laila's job is to keep machinery in order. Johnson's job is to ensure no one dies along the way. When we land, Laila puts on a spacesuit and inspects the outside of the ship to make sure nothing broke during landing and takes care of maintenance on the ship, she spends her free time working on an ice processor we are leaving. Julien deploys a rover with mounted solar panels outside and uses it to collect samples of ice, he spends most of his time running tests on the water to make sure it is suitable for growing crops. I spend my time exploring the area to see what work the geography would need for civilization. Johnson does checks on everybody and assists Julien with his work. We leave the ice processor Laila made, it heats and boils ice into filtered water using mounted solar panels for power.