If I could go to the Moon with a team of fellow astronauts, there would be certain types of people I would look for. Three people would travel to the Moon with me, with good traits for space travelers. My team would be made of a leader; a knowledgeable mind with good persuasion and also boldness, but with a bit of modesty, for a gentle, yet forward, personality; an astrophysicist; one with a good sense of the challenges lying ahead, and who has good knowledge of the surface of the Moon; and a pilot; with a steady hand and lots of confidence, as well as being cool and collected in the face of mortal danger. A rover with a 3D camera would be left on the Moon, to draw out a topographic map of its surface. This would build up more details about its land features. The rover would also be equipped with a radiocarbon tester to find more about the age of the Moon. These instruments would build up knowledge of the Moon, and, along with my crew, usher in a new era of space exploration.