For the Nasa Artemis flight to the moon, I want a six person crew. The professions that I want for the crew are at least one biologist, a chemist, one or two engineers and a geologist. I think they are necessary to do all the research in the moon surface. These people need to be responsible and good workers as a team. Also, they must respond well in any emergency that can occur. I would also bring a robotic moon rover with temperature sensors, and capable to analyze minerals and the composition of lunar soil. This robot will have 360º cameras to build a moon model of craters and mountains , so in future flights it would be easier to explore the moon. The rover will have a detachable jet propelled drone, that will fly over big areas so we can see all the interesting places to study. These features will save time and money, because we will go directly to the places of interest for our investigations. This is only part of what I would bring to a trip to the south pole of the moon. I think that we will achieve a very successful mission.