My Artemis Exploration Crew has five astronauts for this mission. My Crew: Spacecraft Commander, Pilot, and three Mission Specialists in Physics, Engineering, and Hydrology. Our crew shares similar traits such as commitment, self-control, self-confidence, and a sense of humor. We are all mechanically inclined and ready for any problems we encounter in our fields of expertise. My crew and I would be friends, but hold each other accountable, and still have fun in space. The technology we leave on the moon will be fully autonomous vehicles such as artificial intelligence, probes, and rovers. This benefits remote exploration and establishes fresh starting points for future missions both within and beyond our solar system. The technology is equipped with solar energy panels or radioisotope thermoelectric generators and docking stations that would allow them to run continuously without stopping to refuel. We set up small science stations that are run by artificial intelligence to collect data from the moon and send the results back to Earth. Our crew will bring new ideas, and scientific data to help future generations go farther than any other human has gone. The Apollo Missions were one small step for man, Artemis will be one giant leap for mankind.