Given weight restrictions, I would bring two other astronauts besides myself, a mechanical engineer, a software engineer, and a geologist. The personality traits that I would like everyone in my crew to have is to work well under pressure, be proficient, detail oriented, a team player, honest, and optimistic. These traits are important to me because space is still greatly unexplored and anything could go wrong at any given time. Some of the skills that I would like a software engineer to have is that they have an extensive knowledge of the software on the spacecraft. A few skills that I would like a geologist to have is extensive lunar knowledge and have hands on experience researching the moon. Finally, a few skills that I want the mechanical engineer to have is to be able to fix the spacecraft with the materials at hand and have extensive knowledge of the spacecraft. Something that I would leave for future missions is a habitat on the moon. The habitat would include extra supplies for the rocket, converter of ice to purified water or oxygen and hydrogen, a computer work area, and a workout area. All of this would run on solar panels. One major task is going to be harvesting the ice. I would do this by using and an electrically powered saw to cut through the ice that has been located in the craters. After accessing the ice, it could be purified for drinking or split into hydrogen and oxygen. Due to the minimal gravity on the moon, I would put supplies for the astronauts in the habitat, so that more supplies can be brought, while others are stored. The purpose of the workout area would be so that the astronauts will have an easier adjustment to Earth’s gravity upon return.