When I go to the moon there will be four people in one pod. Lisa, Doug, Liam, and me. We will go to the moon with technology to leave for others. I am the scientist and commander. I have a kind heart and can be around other people without causing problems. Lisa is the pilot and trained to be an astronaut for three years. Doug is a mechanic and is very brave. He always is willing to help with our chores. Liam is the IT guy. He can fix any computer and is always kind. The technology my team and I will bring is something called the “Blue Diamond. It is basically a rover that travels all over the moon. The “Blue Diamond” will send NASA a signal if she finds water molecules, which is basically the purpose of the “Blue Diamond”. She will tell NASA when and where she found water and then she’ll convert the water into oxygen and hydrogen. The “Blue Diamond” also has a portable charging station from the power she creates. Thank you for reading this essay. I really thought hard about the personality of my team and the technology to leave on the moon.