For the first time since Apollo, humans are going to the moon. Four crewmates, assisted by artificial intelligence, will make their way to the moon to make new discoveries and begin preparations for a permanent lunar base. Each crewmate will have their own specialty. One geologist and a biochemist will specialize in performing experiments on the moon’s surface. An engineer will begin construction projects on the moon. This person can also help in case of malfunctions with technology. Someone also needs to be practiced in aviation to pilot the ship. Each crewmate will need to be able to be collaborative, quick thinking, and adaptable in order to be proficient for the mission. This mission will be a preface to a lunar base. The main technology being introduced to the moon will be an artificial intelligence powered construction bot. It will be able to think for itself and have multiple tools to continue building infrastructure on the lunar surface once the astronauts leave, such as a research lab and a permanent landing pad. It can send information back to Earth and will spark the beginnings of a future man-made establishment on the moon.