Our moon pod crew built a lunar farm during their one week stay on the moon's south pole. We designed the layout of the farm, and built it together. We used artificial lights to replace the sun and used hydroponics instead of traditional farming. Using samples of ice from the moon’s craters, we melted it, and created a filtering machine to filter the water for drinking and irrigation. To distribute water to the plants we created an irrigation system. It was designed so that it would water the farm automatically. We built this farm to help us move toward our goal of sustainability, and speaking of sustainability, we experimented using the process, electrolysis, to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen would be used as a renewable fuel, while the oxygen would be used to keep the air supply stable. Additionally, we used this opportunity to explore what chemicals are inside the ice and whether or not they're dangerous. Our moon pod crew has made observations that will help us reach the goal of the Artemis Program. Our four members have divided and conquered, finishing tasks that suit each of their unique skills. Our stay was smooth and successful.