Imagine you’re in NASA’s spacecraft for three days straight, with nothing to do but think about traveling to the moon. I’m doing this. When I travel to the moon, I’ll bring people who know how to pilot our spacecraft, and people who know how to put our technology on the lunar surface. We can’t get to the moon without professionals! I’m bringing these astronauts. One is Doug Hurley. The other is Shannon Walker. I chose Hurley because he piloted successful space shuttle missions. I chose Shannon because she was on five missions. She spent 163 days in space on the first! I’m positive that bringing these two intellectuals will confirm a safe trip. I’ll need to bring advanced technology to the lunar surface. I’m bringing NASA’s A-PUFFERS up to space with me. These small robots are able to get into small spots. It also has an advanced computer that can sense the ground in front of it. With these robots, I know we will have the technology we’ll need. In conclusion, I’m going to the moon. I’m bringing Doug Hurley and Shannon Walker up with me. I’m also bringing NASA’s A-PUFFER if we find a small area.