To have a successful mission to the South Pole of the Moon, my Pod will have six members. The first person in my mission is Commander Amira, and this is her first time as a mission commander. Strong headed, organized, and isn’t afraid to take charge! Her education includes a Master’s in mathematics, and science. Amira has past experience on the Aurora station. Rowan is the Spacecraft Pilot and is very qualified, intelligent, focused and takes his job very seriously. He was originally in the Air Force but decided to transfer to the Space Force. He has a Master’s in physics, and computer science. Solid communications with NASA’s ground support are vital for our mission to be successful. Nova is our Communication Specialist. She had former experience working at SpaceX. Nova is the youngest and learns a lot by talking with others. Her education includes her pilots license, a Master’s in biological science and speaks three languages. The fourth crew member is Dr. Mathew, the Navigation Specialist. He sticks right to schedule and is the eldest of the group. Has been on multiple space missions and has earned his gold pin. Dr. Mathew has a PhD in Astrophysical Sciences and Technology. Another Pod member is a Medical Doctor. Dr. June is a physician with astronaut training and education. She is compassionate and knows who she is. The last person is Garret, the Astro-botanist. He is in charge of the Herbage Assembly, which we are leaving behind on this mission. He is a good communicator and listener. He has a Master of Science in Botany. The Herbage Assembly is a piece of technology that can support plant life all on its own and keep it preserved for future astronauts coming to the Moon.