Welcome to NASA’s Moon Pod Expedition to the South Pole of the Moon! The pod will consist of five members, each with qualifications specific to the mission. They will travel for a total of five days, and be on the moon for seven. This will set a new record for the longest a human being has been on the surface of the moon! The whole trip will take approximately 13 days. As mechanical engineer, I will lead the expedition. My four podmates will consist of a geologist; a botanist for plant experimentation; a computer scientist to optimize technology on the MRV and capsule; and a pilot to remotely land our capsule. That person will stay on the satellite. I am a mechanical engineer and will work with the MRV. All team members are cross-trained in the other fields. Our spacecraft is the size of a small apartment, and will dock in the largest satellite orbiting the moon. We will transfer to a smaller landing vehicle consisting of: a small capsule to take us back to the satellite, and a highly advanced rock crawler called the Moon Recreational Vehicle (MRV). The MRV will have a kitchen, individual sleeping quarters, and a bathroom with a shower. Each of the MRV’s wheels has individual suspension for a smooth ride. The MRV is also equipped with solar panels to charge the vehicle on the go. The vehicle will function like a modern rock crawler with living necessities. To help with navigation, there are satellites in place around the moon, making a moon GPS system possible. New, upgraded space suits are more form fitting and allow for more dexterity when working outside the MRV. With these new gadgets, the moon pod crew should have no trouble navigating the moon and getting back home.