The goal of my mission would be to deploy a secondary source of energy to solar panels. This would be accomplished by setting up a series of watermills on a man-made river made by melting ice on the moon’s south pole. The crew would consist of ten people, eight engineers (two for each mill), a doctor, and a commander. The first half of the mission would be spent digging a trench that would act as a river. The second half of the mission would be spent assembling the mills and heaters. The water mills would be able to produce enough electricity for future missions and eventually a lunar colony. If we use the International Space Station (ISS) as a rough guide, we can assume a lunar base would take about 200 kilowatts (kW), or double the power of the ISS. For this to be effective, the heaters should take about the same amount of energy as the colony. So in total, 400 kW. A single mill would produce around 100 kW, so 4 mills. The heaters and mills would be built on earth. If the mission is successful, we could have a secondary source of energy of the moon.