The Moon has been visited by 12 people and now it will be my team turn. I oversee leading the Moon Pod team composed of 4 crew members. I have a doctoral degree in Biology and served in the Air Force. I speak three languages English, Spanish, and Russian. I am a determined and strict leader because we cannot make mistakes. We have the Russian rider Maksim, a computer engineer. Maksim is fluent in English, and he is one of the smartest and most analytical astronauts. His ability allows us to finish our work quickly. Also, our two mission specialists: Bob and John. They are American engineers, Marine Corps pilots, and are currently astronauts. These men have a great adaptability and carry out experiments with no gravity with great precision. We have been subjected to survivor tests which have helped us to improve our skills. We have special costumes, radar to explore soils, excavator designed by Artemis, cameras, and water detectors. The suits are for movement outside the ship, protected against ultraviolet rays, dust protection and particles in space since which travel at a maximum speed. My team's mission is to carry out a thorough investigation about possible frozen water. We have a soil radar and water detector that has sensors that can tell us if there is a possible particle of water. We also have an excavator with Artemis technology that will allow us to check whether the sensors actually detect frozen water. The cameras are important to record any advance. Finally, we take the Robot DelunaV who will be our assistant to find water. If our team finds water, it would be one of NASA's great advances on the moon. Robot DLunaV will remain on the South Pole of Moon for future missions.