There are six in this crew. 1z, the leader, is a determined Air Force Major, 2B is a cheerful astronomer, 3X is an aggressive technician, 4d is a programmer who acts like he owns everything, 5v is a considerate technician, and 6F is a helpful nurse. All are strong and brave. I would want these skills and personalities because I believe they are all necessary and balance each other at least a little. 6 is a good number because the crew can multitask without anyone being alone. The mission is to collect lunar ice, place the Beacon, and explore. For the first three days, they will collect ice samples and set up the Beacon. The Beacon is an AI-controlled, mobile, broadcasting, storage, and collection unit. It broadcasts where it is for navigation, uses retractable grappling-hook arms to stay in place and to move, and sends what it collects to a programmed location in airtight containers. The Beacon can be disassembled and moved. Also, the Beacon should be updated regularly. For the last three days, the crew will test the Beacon and explore.