If I was to go on a moon pod exploration I would bring six people. Two mechanical engineers so we would have two fresh minds that will help with rocket repairs. I consider bringing two mechanical engineers important because then one mind can't get tunnel vision and it allows for collaboration. One selenography scientist so we have an expert with us to analyze right away. One other scientist I would bring would be a biologist that specializes in agriculture specifically. I would also have one electrical engineer just incase we have any electrical problems. Finally I would have one actual astronaut so that we have someone who knows the rocket well. Each person would be humorous, kind, and humble. The reason I only brought six people is for oxygen preservation. On the moon I would leave a self sustaining polyculture hydroponic farm. This farm also would require UV lights. This farm would allow for planted annual fruits and vegetables such as, asparagus, kale, and lime to survive and possibly thrive in the rough moon climates. This farm would also fertilize the preexisting sandy moon soil.