I gazed out of our moon pod window just before it was time to exit. My crew of three and I had been working for years to get here. Our crew consisted of a Botanist, an Engineer, a Doctor and me, an Astrobiologist. We’d been picked because of how well we got along together, with our complementary STEM backgrounds and our naturally upbeat personalities. “Houston, this is Artemis Crew 1, initiating airlock sequence.” I said over my microphone. I looked at my crew mates, and as I stepped out of the pod I felt so gratified becoming the first woman on the moon. Our purpose was to set up a moon habitat containing the four things needed to keep a crew safe, oxygen and clean water, a waste disposal system, the VEGGIE project for food, and a protective outside shell made of regolith and mycelium. We will build it over the next week and it will be used by other astronauts for years to come. Embarking on this incredible adventure, I couldn’t help but be grateful to be given this opportunity, to lead the most remarkable crew, and to know I was part of the Artemis generation.