The Moon. That beautifully illuminated sphere in the sky. We know so much about it, but yet, still so little. Sending a new crew of six people to the Moon could expand our knowledge of this region beyond our imagining. It will be important to have a crew with personalities that are cooperative, calm, and friendly. They need to have an extensive knowledge of subjects such as mechanical engineering, advanced math skills, problem solving, computer science, and geology. Overall, they must be able to work together. Having these traits and skills are needed to complete the objectives of the mission. Another main concern is leaving equipment on the Moon for future operations. Creating a structure on the surface for living quarters and a research facility would be crucial. Satellites for communication with NASA should be placed and maintained. In case of emergency, the ice caps at the Poles would support the crew. Melting and purification systems would be necessary for getting water and providing back up oxygen. Lastly, machines such as rovers should be used for collecting samples and returning to the base for analysis. In conclusion, I believe this all imperative to the mission and many more to come.