I am excited to have been selected as the leader of this year's Artemis Moon Expedition. I have chosen my crew of six: a Medic, Engineer, Mechanic, Pilot, Scientist, and Camera expert. All of them are experts in their fields and have been cross trained so they can fill in as needed. Their personalities have been assessed and they work well together when under pressure. My team members have proven to be responsible, innovative, detail oriented, decisive, articulate, good listeners, and optimistic. My expedition team will bring some new technologies such as a Moon rover designed to transport the crew from moon base to moon base. The Rover carries tools and gear for research projects. This Rover is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and hard-to-maneuver landscape. Another piece of equipment we are bringing is the moon base or living pod. This one-story base has 20 rooms that are connected by a series of tubes. The pod has its own oxygenator that provides fresh oxygen. When the base is set up the team will cover it in lunar dust to protect it from extreme temperatures and weather. This permanent moon pod would be left for future missions.