We would go to the moon in a powerful rocket known as Orion. My pod will have seven members and I want to see teamwork from every one of them. They need to be strong, resilient, and brave. All crew members need to know how to repair damage, first aid, and operation of base systems. Each member would have a different specialty: a biologist, two astrophysicists, a doctor, a lunar geologist, and 2 engineers. We will leave a device called "The Lunar Balloon Base" that holds an inflatable balloon that inflates to be 700m3. It will expand in an underground Lava tube which can protect the base from the hazards of the surface, and it will also be easier to get water ice. Another job of the machine is to extract oxygen and hydrogen from water ice and convert into water. With oxygen, water, and the Lunar Balloon Base, we now have the habitat to support plants, which means food. With plants, a lunar farm could be started. Hydrogen energy and underground lava tubes protect the base habitat from the extreme lunar temperature. Future missions can build upon our work and hopefully build a base capable of humans living there.