Space, the physical universe beyond Earth’s atmosphere. I stare in awe outside the window as I struggle to contain my squeals. Looking around the Space Station, my four other crew members had also plastered themselves to the windows, eyes wide and curious. First up we have Aya, an incredibly skilled astronomer who knows all things moon-related. Her passion to discover is over the moon and as her name suggests, she’s outgoing and bubbly. Second, we have Mai, the research scientist whose work on the tesseract act and the 4th dimension made her famous. The organizational skills she possesses compare to no other, being the person keeping me on track. Next, we have Astra, who just like her name studies stars and what possibilities they could have in the future. Communication and decision-making skills, make her stand out, a dependable second leader. Lastly, we have Atlas, who is the official computer science geek. Spending hours developing new ways to create lunar concrete, allowing safe ways to mine and even potentially live on the moon. His out of the box thinking allows my team to test our boundaries and reach. In fact, his technology/creation is what we plan to leave on the moon, testing out safer ways to land and mine. Our mission is to leave our shipment of lunar concrete which will pose as a landing pad for future rockets. Often when rockets try to land, the lunar dirt flies everywhere and sandblasts the moon, having the potential to harm both the humans and the moon’s environment. This technology will allow for the protection of the environment, while also opening up new possibilities for mining and buildings. I’m yanked out of my thoughts as Aya calls me to look outside the window and what’s racing towards us.