If I were the leader of an expedition for a week, I would want to take 11 of the best-suited astronauts for the mission, but their qualities and abilities will be the only determining factors. I would pick experts in one or more of the following fields, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering, avionics technology, physics, chemistry, biology, communications, film, photography, agricultural engineering, and horticulture. Qualities that I would prefer to have with my crew are a sense of humor and communication abilities. The ability to take the initiative, collaboration capabilities, open-mindedness, reliability, and to be able to have fun and relax after their work. These are all qualities or personality traits that are important to have a successful mission. Firstly, I would want all these experts in engineering onboard to maintain systems or fix any issues that arise during my crew's time at the south pole of the moon. I would bring the biologists, physicists, and chemists along to aid in the research of any new potential discoveries on the south pole. The reason for bringing the communications, film, and photography experts is to document findings by taking photos and videos, and then relay the information back to the Earth and then to NASA and the media. Finally, the reason for bringing the agricultural engineering and horticulture experts is because I would want to set up a hydroponics system on the moon for future astronauts to use. As a result, then when another crew returns to the moon, there will be a frame to begin growing and harvesting crops in a nearly self-sustained farm. Another reason for the hydroponics farm is because it takes significantly fewer resources and less space than a standard farm. Overall, I believe that my imagined team could make a difference.