If I were to be leading an expedition to the moon i would want my crew to be quick but efficient, I would want a 5 person crew. I would want an Engineer, Doctor, Geologist, Botanist, and a Cartographer. The Engineer could fix and build any habitat we build so they would have to be resourceful and creative. The Doctor would be there for any injury that may occur within our pod, they would have to be precise, and clear minded. The geologist would be able to collect rocks and other substances to take back to earth with us, they could also work with the botanist to find a way to grow plants on mars. Both of them would have to be opened minded, patient, and be able to work together. The Cartographer would be able to make maps and pin point locations on the moon for exploration. A piece of technology i would like to bring would be a high tech efficient 3D printer. That could print plates of plastic or metal for us and other expeditions to use to make a habitat and other things we might need on the moon such as tools, plant beds, or containers