Given the opportunity to lead an expedition to the moon, the short time frame should be utilized properly. The starting point to making a successful mission is having a diverse, talented, and supportive crew. A geologist and botanist would work together to help study the moon’s soil and understand the necessities to grow plants on the Moon. The hydrologist would study the water on the Moon to find out how to create a sustainable water resource for the future. Next, the mechanical engineer will be able to fix any issues on the spacecraft. Last but not least, the doctor would keep everyone’s health is in good condition, and treat issues. There is much of the moon that we have yet to discover, so our team would leave behind a method of travel. It would be similar to Earth’s cars but be powered by solar energy. It would also be small and foldable, to be easily transported on a spacecraft. Software installed on the device will create a GPS system on the Moon to easily get to locations. The main goal of this mission is to collect information to create a sustainable Moon settlement while paving the way for future exploration.