“Liftoff in five.” My stomach lurched. “Four.” What would happen if this whole mission failed? “Three.” Was it too late to back out? “Two.” Just be brave. “One.” Here we go! I have been chosen to lead an expedition to the south pole of the Moon to take a closer look at the frozen water discovered there. I looked for crewmates that are intelligent, resourceful, brave, and excellent problem solvers. I finally decided on three people that I’m sure won’t let me down. I found a pilot that is confident and great at quick thinking, a chemist that is curious, knowledgeable, and devoted to our mission, and a mechanical engineer that is resourceful and ready to fix any problem that occurs. As the commander of the ship, my focus is the crew’s safety and the mission’s success. Once we reach the moon’s surface we will unload a machine that has solar panels, digging machinery, and an electrolysis plant. It will unearth the ice, then melt the water and electrolyze it into O2 and H2. This will give us and future astronauts Oxygen for breathing and Hydrogen for power storage.