When going on a week-long expedition to the moon, I suggest the crew consist of six people. With six people, they would always have someone else, avoiding days of isolation. Isolation can cause hallucinations, mental inability and higher risk for diseases. We should send a crew with at least one geologist, a pilot, a hydrologist and an engineer, though the entire crew should have engineering skills. The crew should also be good with compromises, and they shouldn't have a problem with command or communication. I would like the crew to have at least one forgein member who is comfortable speaking English. They would not only have different insight, they would help the mission seem like humanity’s return to the moon, not just America’s return to the moon. Water tanks are heavy, and heavy cargo requires more fuel to launch. Water is required for life, both human and plant, so possible water should be a priority. I would want to leave a rover that would be able to continue the search for ice. This rovor should also be able to measure the levels of solar radiation to alert NASA if the previous landing spot has now become unsafe for future missions.