The name’s Andromeda. I’m a headstrong leader who’s working with 3 others to scavenge our Moon’s South Pole and innovate ways to clock into Mars. Bringing forth data about the Moon could benefit our journey to the planets beyond. To aid us on our trek, we’ll use pioneered instruments. Hefty rovers Itinerantur 1, 2, and 3 map the Moon’s surface with stellar precision. 90lb Itinerantur 1 specializes in scanning wavelengths of light to track surface temperatures. Complex Itinerantur 2 with rotating shafts to capture high definition images of the Moon and its ridges. Itinerantur 3 conducts searches for hydrogen tucked within the Moon’s regolith through acute navigation. Scattered databases will engage in an efficient transportation of information between satellites and rovers. Miniature health deposits assembled by the mechanic, Hercules, will aid the astronauts next in line to uncover the secrets of the Moon. Our team consists of 4 ambitious astronauts; Gemini, the kindhearted sampler, Leo, the clever computer expert, Hercules, the robust mechanic, and me— the curator. We fulfill these tasks prestigiously, something a simple droid could never replicate, no matter how sophisticated its sensors are. Our pursuit for Mars and the future of lunar exploration begins now.