If I could go to the moon my pod of astronauts would have many different skill sets and backgrounds. The technology that I would want to leave on the moon would be a robot that could find and sample water on the moon. I would want my crew to have humorous personalities with much determination and effort to stay on task and get work done. In my crew I would want someone that studies water, has much knowledge about technology, the ability to repair the pod, and lastly an engineer. Having a crew with these types of skills would be useful because there would be someone that would have some ability to repair the pod if something were to happen, somebody that would know alot about water if we were to discover it on the moon, somebody that has a background with technology for communication and direction and lastly, someone that could create our robot to help us discover water on the moon. A robot that would be useful to leave on the moon would be able to find water, determine where to go, and be able to collect water samples that could be studied back on earth. Having a robot that could find water on the moon would be useful because it would save time and money. It would improve our understanding about the moon. This robot would allow us to have resources like water for astronauts to drink, it could be turned into oxygen for astronauts to breathe and could potentially be a fuel supply. This would allow astronauts to stay on the moon for extended periods of time. An Artemis crew that landed a robot designed to find water on the moon would be a large change in space travel and our knowledge about the moon.